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Mohawk is independent.

"At Mohawk Games we've had an opportunity to build a game team from scratch. We are building a team that is small and focused, but our goals are that of a larger company. We are bringing independent and smart folks together, and giving them ownership over the game, and trusting them. This is going to make Offworld a fantastic game." – Mohawk co-founder and art director Dorian Newcomb

Dorian was a lead artist on Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword and has a prestigious BAFTA award for his work as art director of Civilization V.

Mohawk challenges itself.

"I've been told many times that I'm an oversensitive person, and I have to agree. I want my work to make people smile and make sure they have a good time. When we do playtests and I see player struggle with a concept or not get involved in the game, it is both the hardest thing to see and the most motivating moment simultaneously." Scott Lewis, designer

Scott's career started at Big Huge Games working on Rise of Nations. Later, Scott worked on UI and design for Civilization V and its expansions, designing and implementing trade routes espionage, and the Venetians among other things.

"Every improvement we make to the user experience is hard-earned, but seeing our progress when players are finally able to grasp a previously difficult-to-understand concept couldn't be more rewarding." Jim Alley, UI designer

After graduating from Maryland Institute College of Art, Jim turned his internship at Zynga working with Soren and Dorian into this full-time gig at Mohawk.

Mohawk solves problems.

"If this seems bland, it's because I haven't had my coffee yet :p ... I enjoy solving interesting problems and working with people I like, and Mohawk Games fits that requirement to a tee." Jason Winokur, graphics programmer

Jason comes to Mohawk from doing graphics programming for Civilization IV and its three expansions, Sid Meier's Railroads!, and The Elder Scrolls Online.

Mohawk challenges players.

"I believe that strategy games should, first and foremost, constantly challenge players to adapt their play to the demands of each play session; a game with one best path to victory is no strategy game." – Studio head, co-founder, and Offworld Trading Company designer Soren Johnson

Soren was a gameplay programmer and designer on Civilization III, then lead designer of Civilization IV, and later worked at Electronic Arts on Spore and Dragon Age Legends

Mohawk creates beauty.

"Over the years I have realized more and more that great art in a game doesn't amount to much without great design. With anything I am making for Offworld Trading Company I ask myself, does this service the design of the game in a positive way? Does it help communicate the game ideas to the player?"
Josh Hardy, artist

Josh was part of Big Huge Games for almost nine years, and among other projects wore many hats across the entire art discipline for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

"Terrain in games can often end up looking like a big lumpy mass with sharp things just stuck into it, due to the typical way of modeling it... When I saw the visual style Dorian wanted for OTC, I decided to take a bit of a risk on a very different method of modeling terrain, and hopefully that will help the game stand out in a very cool way." Zack Fowler, artist

Zack created environments for XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Blizzard's now-canceled Titan project in his previous lives.

Mohawk is a dream come true.

"I wanted to be part of creating the kind of game company I imagined existing before I started working on games."
Dorian Newcomb

"I've wanted to make a game like Offworld – a strategy game about making money out in space – since before I started working in the industry. I am very grateful to finally have a chance to make that game and to make it the way I believe it should be made." Soren Johnson


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