Offworld Trading Company: Jupiter's Forge Releases Thursday, May 18th

Take on new challenges in the first expansion for Offworld Trading Company

Posted on Monday, May 15, 2017

Conquer the volcanic moon of Io this Thursday, May 18
in Offworld Trading Company: Jupiter's Forge

Offworld Trading Company is an economic strategy game from Civilization IV's lead designer, Soren Johnson. Competition on Earth
has grown as resources have started to deplete, so businesses have turned their attention to Mars in order to turn a profit. Hire pirates to raid
your enemies' assets, research patents to gain an edge over your competition, ship resources back to Earth for massive profits,
and more in this fast-paced RTS!

Radiation JF

Jupiter's Forge takes you to the volcanic moon of Io, where life is much harsher than it was on Mars. 
It expands on the features and gameplay from the base game, adding:

  • New Location: Io - Explore Jupiter's volcanic and volatile moon, where you'll need to re-learn everything you thought
    about making life work on Mars if you want to survive.
  • New Resource System - Io has plenty of power sources, but lacks certain basic human elements necessary for life - like water.
    Priorities for what you build and harvest on Io are vastly different from Mars or Ceres. You will need to build structures specifically
    for creating and purifying sources of water and other basic needs.
  • Infinite Map Challenge - Fight your way onto the leaderboards with other Offworld players.  The never-ending slew of maps
    constantly evolves, each map becoming more difficult than the last. See how many maps you can conquer before the harsh
    environment of space gets the better of you.
  • New Campaign - Show that you have what it takes to build your business and survive on Io. Snag your resources before your
    adversaries do and prove to everyone that money talks: you made your business work on Mars, and you can make it work on Io, too.
  • New Faction: Diadem Trust - An elite business group with grand visions, they are ready to crush any other corporation that gets in their way.
    Advanced buildings like Hacker Arrays and Patent Labs are the top of the lime and grant them an edge on competitors. The patent race also means
    nothing to them - they can purchase a patent even if it's already been claimed by another player. It's all legal, they assure you - read the fine print.
  • New Faction: Penrose Collective - Highly adaptable and influential, they intend to thrive on the harsh environment of Io. With the ability to found
    2 headquarters at the start of the game, they are able to spread their operations across an already depleted environment in order to gain access to
    more resources. When a claim is no longer necessary, the Collective simply trades it in for a more profitable spot.

Offworld Trading Company: Jupiter's Forge will be available as a bundle for $29.99 at Stardock or Steam on release day.
To learn more, please visit our community forums and subscribe on Reddit.

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