Offworld Trading Company patch 3 (ver 13174)

Posted on Wednesday, May 25, 2016


*** Released 5/25/2016 ***



  • UI/campaign/adjacency bonus display: Added adjacency bonus display.
  • Fixed some lobby issues for Use Real Maps.
  • Improved AI.
  • Added stock delay when on the verge of a majority buyout.
  • Added a new Majority Buyout Vulnerable event.
  • UI: Fixing missing building icons for Scientific versions of Chemical Refinery and Steel Mill.
  • AI much better at handling ice maps.
  • UI: Adjusting the metal mine icon for Soren.
  • UI/campaign character select: Improved the (as Assistant) text to work better.
  • Players can now choose between 1v1 and 4p ffa at any time.
  • Added Scavenger's building texture.
  • UI/in-game/resource deposit display: Align geothermal icon.
  • UI/campaign character select/settings button: Trying to make the text sizes fit.
  • UI/campaign/planet links: Now have dotted lines that animate toward available missions. Lines are grey between colonies that have no bonuses, player colored if there is a bonus. Doing work on the nodes now.
  • Goon squad is now the same height for buildings and constructions.
  • Claim block timer no longer blocks the resources.
  • Improved text for New Days.
  • Cut down required base inline icons and adding the needed tutorial ones to the tutorial mod.
  • Scavengers now have to wait 40s for the black market to unlock.
  • Fixed a hang waiting for a ranked match to begin.
  • UI: Auctions now use a sane layout in team games.
  • Crash fixes.
  • Adjusted the AI that takes over dropped players.
  • Fixed typeo (this is seriously how this entry came in from the devleoper, I'm not sure if I should be scared).
  • Martian Thrillride sound now plays at appropriate time.
  • Added help to explain future colony income.
  • Added a Play Soren achievement.
  • Added help text if Daily Challenge is disabled to explain why.
  • Fixed some issues with the hologram.
  • Reni-6 is now 3% less likely to become sentient, take over your computer and begin ordering batteries online.
  • Fix for leaderboard name pointing to garbage memory in some cases.
  • Added match history screen.
  • Fixed some Core Sample issues.
  • Click on Auction winner in chat log will go to their HQ.
  • TAB cycles forward through HQs, SHIFT+TAB goes backwards.
  • Fixed charts & graphs bug.
  • Destroyed Offworld no long count towards buyout percentage.
  • Boosted market effect of events.
  • Fixed issue with hologrammed offworlds and player list.
  • UI: Moving replays list to the match history screen.
  • UI: Splitting date and time in match history layout.
  • UI: Fixing the "Tip:" label on the loading screen.
  • UI: Updating match history labels and layout.



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