Offworld Trading Company Beta 10 Now Available

Posted on Monday, February 22, 2016

Offworld Trading Company Beta 10 is now available. This update includes a variety of improvements and fixes including new custom maps, new building auctions, optimized multiplayer, and more.

See all the updates in the changelog:


  • New custom maps are available!

  • Buying out a player costs less the more shares of them you own.

  • Stock value now takes into account whether you are Expansive or Scavenger when valuing your buildings.

  • Adjusted stock delay after buyouts.

  • Pleasure Dome now gets +10% per adjacent housing module (instead of +16%).

  • Boosted base wind power from 0.9 to 1.0

  • Bond rating thresholds now scale from 2 to 8 players.

  • Water and carbon is no longer guaranteed on maps with ice and dry ice, respectively.

  • More carbon on maps.

  • Added Building auctions.

  • Better game event warnings

  • Power Surges, etc. no longer have "bad bounces"

  • Added Core Sample probability help

  • Better Hologram logic.

  • Added Pause Selection mode where the game pauses in single player while you are founding, claiming, building, etc.

  • AI is better at founding with Reveal Map on.

  • Reveal map timer is a little slower.

  • Better & faster AI.


  • New Scavenger HQ art and animation!

  • New Art for Colony Hub!

  • New Art for Colony Office Module

  • New Art for Colony Lab Module

  • New Patent Lab construction animation

  • Sparks added to construction animations

  • Fixed terrain shaders for ambient lighting.

  • Placeholder Solar Flare effect is back, baby!

  • Animation polish for elemental quarry, engineering lab, and scientific electrolysis reactor.

  • Nighttime animation for solar panels.


  • Reduced network traffic by half!

  • Add code to display the number of people waiting for a ranked match while waiting for a match so people playing 4 Player FFA quick match can see that other people have joined the wait and how many.

  • Multiplayer screen now shows the leaderboards

  • Changed it so the player's handicap is the default handicap instead of none which speeds up the process of joining a lobby.


  • Colony now has a name visual and HQs now have a player name visual.

  • Clamping terrain mouse over to minimum playable height

  • Improved patent/tech messaging.

  • Added a warning popup if you try to found too early with Reveal Map on.

  • 7 Sols end game screen added.

  • Blocking input while the game is loading. Preventing hotkeys and mouse input from firing.

  • Multiplayer observers are automatically ready and the ready button is disabled.

  • In-game campaign results screen improved.

  • Adding a gameplay tip while the game is loading.

  • Displaying resource icon in region text.

  • Build panel is always up. Until it's not when you close it. But if you open it again it is sticky.

  • Resource ordering: moved silicon next to carbon as Dorian requested.

  • Now showing building connection lines to constructions as well as buildings.

  • Showing potential dividend in buy stock button for subsidiaries.

  • Enabling MapSeed field in Skirmish & Multiplayer settings screen.

  • The map seed can be found in the main game's escape menu.

  • Resource rates now show buildings that are short of resource input.

  • Reworked cursor and selection logic.

  • Moved tile tooltips below mouse cursor

  • Added Random options for resource presence and minimums.

  • Clicking on a player's name will now select their HQ.

  • Added mouseover help for sabotage if tile is invalid.


  • Fixing depth of field effect to work on D3D10 video cards


  • Added 6th song to the game.

  • New win & lose end game music.

  • New HQ founding/upgrade sounds.

  • “Quickmatch thrill ride” sound effect added back in.

  • Added delay ability to sounds and made the found & upgrade slightly delayed so they don't smash on top of the music fanfares.

  • When you set the music to zero volume in the options window, the volume changes appropriately.


  • Tutorial 2 is now ready to play!

  • Added “Show Total Cost” player option.

  • Added “Hide Build Menu” player option.

  • Added “reset” to skirmish and campaign games.

  • Moved replay files into a "Replays" sub-folder.

  • Add the file picker for selecting a replay file to playback from the main menu.  Also added a popup to show if you selected a file that it can't play back and what version of the game it was created with.

  • Separated skirmish and campaign games saves into their own folders

  • Added file picker for saving and loading skirmishes.

  • Daily Challenge replays now work!

[Bug fixes]

  • Fixed bug where you could resign, go back in as observer, and then resign again in Skirmish mode.

  • Fixed bug where you could resign, go back in as observer, and then couldn't exit the game in multiplayer mode.

  • Fix for trying to resume a ranked match when the game is over.

  • Fix so that exiting a non-ranked lobby game takes you back to the find lobby screen.

  • Fixed orders not updating when game is paused

  • Fixed where "Exit and Save" option was available when playing back a replay.

  • Fixed being able to existing and saving a game from a replay and exiting and saving a game after the play has conceded.

  • Fixed save games to have the correct game pause state.

  • Fixed HQ hotkeys not working.

  • Fixed a bug with where the "save and exit" option takes you from a campaign.


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