Offworld Trading Company

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Offworld Trading Company?
Offworld Trading Company is a real-time strategy game in which money, not firepower, is the player's weapon. See this blog post by Mohawk's Creative Director and CEO Soren Johnson, whose long game design career includes being the lead designer of Civilization IV, for more.
Where can I learn more about Offworld Trading Company?
Ars Technica wrote a great article, check it out. The Mohawk blog is a great place for the latest on Offworld development. Soon (before the prototype comes out) we'll start livestreaming our internal playtests, so keep an eye on both Mohawk's Twitch channel and Stardock's Twitch channel as well.
You're charging $80 to play the prototype?!
We intend the $80 Founder's Elite Edition to cater to people who want to get their feedback into the design process as early as possible, either out of love for the concept of Offworld Trading Company or respect for Soren Johnson and the rest of the Mohawk team's previous work.

We feel that $80 is a more-than-fair price to charge for two copies of the game along with all the other perks Elite Founders get.
My friend bought the regular Founder's Edition and got access to the prototype, but now it says that edition doesn't get to play until Early Access. What gives?
We decided to offer the earliest purchasers of the Founder's Edition access to the prototype as a thank-you for their support right out of the gate.
When can I play the prototype?
Elite Founders and their guests get access to the prototype now, provided they agree to not share screens and video of the game (talking about it is fine).
Why can't we share screens and video?
We're thrilled to get your feedback on the game in this early state, but the gameplay is a lot more progressed than the presentation right now. The visuals are so early, incomplete, and even placeholder that we don't want them to be widely distributed.
How do I play the game once I've purchased an eligible copy?
Check your "My Downloads" page for your Stardock account. There should be a Steam key there. Simply associate that with your Steam account and you should be good to go.
What's the difference between your prototype and Early Access?
While Offworld Trading Company is already a fully functional game (we've been playing online multiplayer matches for literally months), it's not at all polished. The prototype has placeholder art for many if not most game elements, there's no single-player content aside from AI skirmishes, and the UI needs a ton of work.

Simply put, the prototype isn't ready to be played by anyone who isn't pumped about the concept of the game itself. That's why we're limiting access to our Elite Founders (and their friends).
Then why let anyone play the prototype at all?
We want to get as much feedback from real live players as possible, as early as possible. The early state of the game means it's much easier to make major changes, since (for example) we don't have to throw away art that we spent significant time on if we decide that Hydrolysis Reactors just don't fit in the design any more.
Does Offworld Trading Company use Steam?
Offworld Trading Company will be distributed exclusively through Steam. Whether you buy it directly from our publisher Stardock (as is the only current option), through Steam, or through another retailer, you will receive a Steam code that you will then need to link to your Steam account in order to download and play.

What platforms will Offworld Trading Company appear on?
32- and 64-bit Windows only. Mac and Linux support would be great, but we're a small team and can't commit to that quite yet.
What is the Founder's Vault and how do I get access to it?
The Founder's Vault is a special webpage available to all Offworld Trading Company Founders (aka everyone who owns any edition of the pre-order: Founder's, Founder's Elite, or Gift Edition). In it, Founders can find exclusive behind-the-scenes goodies from Offworld Trading Company's development, from reference materials to design notes and much more.

To access the Founder's Vault, go to and log in with the Stardock account associated with your Offworld Trading Company purchase.
Do the additional keys for the Founder's Elite Edition get access to the rest of the Founder's Elite perks?
Just the private development forum and access to the prototype. For anyone who really wants the other perks, we sell a lovely Founder's Elite Edition that comes with a digital soundtrack, game almanac, and more.
What about the optional additional copies from Founder's Elite coupons?
Those will work exactly like the extra key that comes with every Founder's Elite purchase – you’ll get access to the prototype and the private forum.
Where are my coupons from my Founder's Elite purchase?
Check your email. You should get an email to the address linked to your Stardock account with single-use codes within an hour of your purchase. If you would like them to be resent, click here.

If you're still having trouble receiving your coupon codes, please contact Stardock support at
How do I redeem my Offworld Gift Edition coupon or gift code?
Click this link, which adds the Gift Edition to your cart in the Stardock store. Then enter the coupon code you got from your friend on that page, which will knock it down to $20 or free, depending on which code you have.
Does "access to the prototype" mean I have to re-buy access to the final game?
Nope! Anyone with access to the prototype owns Offworld Trading Company and can play the game in every stage as development continues: prototype, Early Access, and final release.
Can I upgrade my pre-order to the Founder's Elite Edition?
Sure can, for the difference in price between the normal and Elite editions ($45). Your pre-order will be upgraded and you will receive all the perks of the Elite Edition, including immediate access to the prototype, a gift code for a friend, discount coupons for more friends, and more.
Where are these "private development forums" you speak of?
Those with access will get an email with instructions. Check your spam folder.
When do I get my soundtrack and almanac?
At the latest, we'll deliver these by the final release date. We hope to have them ready sooner, but the game is obviously our first priority.
Speaking of final release dates…
When it’s done! The only solid date we have now is the prototype, which went out to Elite Founders and their guests in July. All other stages of release (Early Access, final) depend on the development process and the community's feedback.

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